Discover the record-breaking Animal Movie box office collection and witness its unparalleled success in the world of entertainment. Find out why it has captured the hearts of audiences nationwide.

Animal Movie Box Office Collection- starring ranbir kapoor

In the world of entertainment, box office collections are often used as a measure of a movie’s success. The recently released Animal movie has taken the industry by storm, smashing records and setting new benchmarks. In this article, we will delve into the spectacular box office collection numbers of Animal movie and explore its unprecedented success.

Animal Movie Box Office Collection Highlights

Third Biggest 9 Days of All Time

“Animal” has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the third spot for the biggest 9-day box office collection of all time. This is a testament to the film’s popularity and the audience’s strong response to its captivating storyline and stellar performances.

Biggest 9-Day Total for a Non-Holiday Release

What sets “Animal” apart from other films is its astounding 9-day collection despite being released on a non-holiday. This indicates the movie’s ability to draw in audiences throughout the week, even without the boost that holidays often provide.

Biggest 9-Day Total for a Film in a Clash with Another Film

Despite facing stiff competition from another highly anticipated film, “Animal” has managed to emerge victorious with the highest 9-day box office collection ever recorded for a movie that faced a clash. This speaks volumes about the movie’s captivating content that managed to steal the audience’s attention and surpass all expectations.

Highest Grossing ‘A’ Certified Film

Animal Movie Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandana & Tripti Dimri

“Animal” has left a significant mark in the film industry by becoming the highest-grossing ‘A’ certified film. This rating reflects the movie’s mature content, which resonated with a wide range of audiences, leading to its unprecedented success at the box office.

Animal Movie Daily Box Office Collection

Let’s take a closer look at the daily box office collection figures for “Animal”:

  • Friday: ₹54.75 cr
  • Saturday: ₹58.37 cr
  • Sunday: ₹63.46 cr
  • Monday: ₹40.06 cr
  • Tuesday: ₹34.02 cr
  • Wednesday: ₹27.80 cr
  • Thursday: ₹22.35 cr
  • Friday: ₹ 22.95 cr
  • Saturday: ₹ 37 cr
    This impressive seven-day total amounts to a staggering ₹360.76 cr for the Hindi version of the film.

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Jawan vs Pathaan vs Animal vs Gadar2 – First 7 Days

To understand the magnitude of “Animal’s” success, let’s compare its box office collection with other notable films in its release period:

  • Jawan: ₹327.88 cr (Thursday to Wednesday)
  • Pathaan: ₹318.50 cr (Wednesday to Tuesday)
  • Animal: ₹300.81 cr (Friday to Thursday)
  • Gadar 2: ₹284.63 cr (Friday to Thursday)
    “Animal” successfully holds its ground among these formidable competitors, further solidifying its position as a record-breaking blockbuster.

Animal Movie Box Office Collection in South Indian Languages

Animal Movie Starring Ranbir Kapoor & Bobby Deol

Apart from the Hindi version, “Animal” has also made a significant impact in South Indian languages. The box office collection figures for the movie in these languages are as follows:

  • Friday: ₹9.05 cr
  • Saturday: ₹8.90 cr
  • Sunday: ₹7.23 cr
  • Monday: ₹4.41 cr
  • Tuesday: ₹3.80 cr
  • Wednesday: ₹2.65 cr
  • Thursday: ₹1.78 cr
    The total collection in South Indian languages amounts to ₹37.82 cr.

All Languages Total Box Office Collection

Combining the box office collections of the Hindi and South Indian language versions, “Animal” has achieved a phenomenal total of ₹360.76 cr. This impressive figure further highlights the movie’s immense success and the overwhelming response it has received from audiences across different regions.

“Animal” has smashed records and made a big impact in the movie world by making a ton of money at the box office. Being the third highest-grossing movie in just one week and breaking other important records shows how much people love it. This huge success makes “Animal” a legendary blockbuster in the history of Indian cinema that will be remembered for a long time.

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