Ram Siya Ram Adipurush Song Out

The new song from Om Raut’s upcoming film Adipurush, called “Ram Siya Ram,” is now available and beautifully captures the yearning between Raghava (played by Prabhas) and Janaki (played by Kriti Sanon) after her abduction. The song is a recreated version of a popular devotional song. It showcases Prabhas and Kriti sitting amidst peacocks and sailing on makeshift boats, highlighting their pain as Janaki waits for Raghava to rescue her from Lanka. (Ram Siya Ram Adipurush)

Sachet Tandon and Parampara Tandon have sung and composed the song, while Manoj Muntashir Shukla has written the lyrics. It also offers glimpses of Raghava’s heartbreak as he prepares to bring back Janaki with the help of Bajrang. However, the song does not reveal Saif Ali Khan’s character as Lankesh. Director Om Raut shared the song on Twitter, referring to it as the soul of Adipurush.

The makers have released this song, titled “Ram Siya Ram,” in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam languages to cater to a wider audience, just like the first song, “Jai Shri Ram.” (Also read: Adipurush ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Song Out)

Kriti: Sita role special. Heart and soul dedicated

(Ram Siya Ram Adipurush)

Kriti Sanon’s thoughts on Adipurush: During the trailer launch of the film a few weeks ago, Kriti expressed her emotions, stating that the movie is more than just a film for her. She had goosebumps while watching the trailer and felt blessed to be a part of it. Kriti thanked Om Raut for believing in her and giving her the opportunity to portray the character of Janaki, acknowledging that such roles are rare and she feels privileged.

Kriti also shared her thoughts on playing the role of Sita, describing it as a special character. She dedicated her heart and soul to the role, and while shooting for the movie, she discovered more about the character of Sita. She described Sita as a pure-hearted, kind, and strong-minded individual. Kriti’s poster for the film reflects both pain and fearlessness. She humbly admitted that actors are human too and may make mistakes.

About Adipurush VFX

Since the teaser was unveiled, there has been a lot of speculation about the movie. The film showcases high-quality visual effects (VFX) and CGI technology, and its success will depend on the audience’s enjoyment. We will now take you behind the scenes to discover the visual treats and graphics used in the film, as well as the time and effort invested in its production. (Ram Siya Ram Adipurush)

Prasad Suthar, the VFX supervisor for Adipurush, has shared some insights into the technical aspects of the film. He explains that VFX plays a significant role in the movie, accounting for more than half of its weight. Typically, VFX planning begins after the production work, taking into account various elements such as art direction and actor performances. However, Adipurush took a different approach. The film’s vision was to create a unique mythological world that had never been seen or heard of before. Recreating such a world on a film set would have been impossible, regardless of the budget. Therefore, the team embarked on a journey to develop groundbreaking VFX that would present a never-before-seen version of the Ramayana.

The preparation for the film involved extensive discussions via Zoom calls to determine the requirements. Rather than focusing on physical sets, the majority of the work was done on the table, planning and strategizing. Prasad, with his 25 years of industry experience, assembled a team of talented CGI artists and supervisors from seven renowned VFX studios in India. These artists had previously worked on big-budget Hollywood films. Given that Adipurush relies on VFX for 99 percent of its visual presentation, technical excellence was crucial.

Prasad directed CGI, conveying realistic emotions—a challenging feat.

Prasad directed the CGI characters & ensured the realistic portrayal of their emotions. This posed a significant challenge, as generating emotions from computer-generated characters is no easy feat. With 95 percent of the film’s VFX work falling under his responsibility, Prasad faced a tremendous task. (Ram Siya Ram Adipurush)

During the film’s production, there were creative differences between Prasad and director Om. Both shared a desire to create a grand-scale project but had divergent opinions on several aspects. However, instead of imposing their ideas on each other, they engaged in discussions and found ways to synchronize their visions. Patience was key throughout the project, as rushing was not an option. Prasad maintained an open mind, continuously listening to Om and understanding his needs. When certain things seemed impossible, Prasad would explain the technical limitations. While Om focused on the emotional aspects, Prasad took care of technical elements like physics and lighting, resulting in a remarkable balance between them.

Adipurush promises a different interpretation of the Ramayana. The film introduces CGI characters, a first in Indian cinema, who perform alongside the other actors. The film presents each character with a distinct look, and it showcases the world of Lanka in an unimaginable way. The action sequences involving CGI characters presented a unique challenge. Choreographing their movements on set was not feasible, so the team employed CGI technology to create the desired action.

The film’s reliance on VFX reversed the typical order of production, with VFX work commencing prior to shooting. The team meticulously planned and designed the shoot, finalizing the look of the film before filming began. The team held detailed meetings with department heads and actors to ensure the smooth integration of CGI elements. The aim was to create a separate world within the film, resulting in a distinct visual experience.

Adipurush: Long-term project, consistent vision, overcoming challenges.

Adipurush has been a long-term project, with the team still working tirelessly on its completion. Despite facing challenges, the vision for the film has remained consistent throughout the three and a half years of its development. Every scene was carefully painted and prepared in advance, allowing the actors to have a clear understanding of their angles and directions during shooting. Chit-Quotes were utilized to bring together CGI characters and live-action actors who had different scales. These interactions required the actors to imagine and react to CGI characters, resulting in interesting shots on set. The team shot scenes with CGI actors in blank frames, which were later filled with CGI elements during post-production.

Working with CGI characters posed a unique challenge. Expressing emotions convincingly required special attention to their facial expressions. In Adipurush, the filmmakers utilized motion capture and performance capture technologies together for the first time in India.

Various actors were selected to provide voices for the CGI characters, and their emotions were captured on set. These performances served as references to create the CGI characters during pre-production. The film features several key CGI characters like Bali, Neel, and Sugriva, along with a crowd of CGI characters who interact with the live-action actors. This groundbreaking approach promises a truly exceptional viewing experience.

Teaser feedback led to fine-tuning, technical improvements pre-release

After the release of the teaser, the team received feedback and had around nine months to make adjustments before the film’s release. While major changes were not possible, they focused on fine-tuning the characters’ animations and improving technical aspects. They are committed to enhancing realism and ensuring the best possible performance. The core story of Adipurush remains intact, and the team has accepted the feedback and is working to address any issues that arose.

In conclusion, Adipurush is an ambitious project that pushes the boundaries of Indian cinema. With its innovative use of VFX and CGI, the film offers a fresh perspective on the Ramayana. Countless hours of meticulous planning and technical expertise have gone into creating this visually stunning experience. The team, led by Prabhas and director Om, has worked diligently to bring their grand vision to life. As the release date approaches, Indian audiences eagerly await the arrival of Adipurush, a film that promises to captivate and astound with its mesmerizing visuals and compelling storytelling.

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