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Bollywood’s ‘The Kerala Story’, starring Adah Sharma, has released in theaters. Early estimates for the first-day box office are out. Despite controversies, Adah Sharma’s acting has earned acclaim, and the audience is enjoying ‘The Kerala Story’. (‘The Kerala Story’ Review)

Despite obstacles, a young girl in ‘The Kerala Story’ remains determined to fulfill her dreams as the protagonist. Additionally, social media buzzes with appreciation for the actors’ performances and story line of the film that received significant attention. Furthermore, the movie has outperformed other recent releases and broken box office records, exceeding expectations set by the filmmakers.

Moreover, despite the controversies, it has also become one of the top 5 opener movies of the year, making the success of the film a significant achievement for the team.

The first-day box office collection of a movie doesn’t ensure its future success, but it’s a positive sign for filmmakers and actors performs in the coming days. The film’s positive audience response is a reason to celebrate, and its future performance will be intriguing to watch.

‘The Kerala Story’ earns an impressive Rs 7.5-8 crores on opening day –

Moreover, media reports suggest that the Bollywood film collected an impressive Rs 7.5 to 8 crores on its opening day. According to reports, the movie’s triumph persisted on its second day with a net profit of ₹12.50 crore. Compared to the first day, the film experienced a significant surge in ticket sales, with an occupancy rate of approximately 39.73%. To date, the movie has accumulated a net collection of ₹20.53 crore in the country.

Adah Sharma’s previous box office performance was not impressive, making the current success of ‘The Kerala Story’ a significant achievement. (‘The Kerala Story’ Review)

Additionally, given the controversies surrounding the movie, the success of ‘The Kerala Story’ has surprised many. The film’s positive audience response has contributed to its impressive box office performance.

Moreover, the film’s impressive box office performance of Rs 4 crores in national chains like INOX, Cinepolis, and PVR is noteworthy. The movie’s exceptional opening not only exceeded the filmmakers’ expectations but also broke many Bollywood stars’ records.

Furthermore, the success of ‘The Kerala Story’ is a positive sign for the Indian film industry, which has been struggling due to the pandemic’s impact. The movie’s triumph has brought hope for many filmmakers and actors who are eagerly waiting to release their projects.

Adah Sharma’s ‘The Kerala Story’ has surpassed ‘Selfie’ and ‘Shehzada,’ earning Rs 8 crore at the box office. Despite this, Varun Dhawan’s ‘Bhediya’ did not receive a great opening day box office collection.

The Movie Plot addresses the sensitive issue of ‘love jihad.’

Moreover, ‘The Kerala Story’ sheds light on the controversial issue of love jihad, depicting the story of four female characters – Shalini, Gitanjali, Nima, and Asifa – who attend a nursing school in Kerala. The plot centers around Asifa, who brainwashes her three friends and converts them to Islam, igniting debates and controversies.

Additionally, the film highlights how the Islamic friends brainwashed a Hindu woman from Kerala to join ISIS. Movie exposes dangerous scheme affecting 32,000 women in Kerala, leaving many stunned by the revelation.

Additionally, the film’s story sheds light on an important issue of love jihad, which is a controversial topic in India. Allegedly, Muslim men use love to convert non-Muslim women to Islam, which is referred to as ‘love jihad.'”

India protests over “Love Jihad” controversy as some claim it’s a conversion tactic, while others call it a hoax.

Dangers of Love Jihad on Innocent Women in ‘The Kerala Story’

The film depicts love jihad as a significant issue, causing harm to individuals and society as a whole. The movie has received mixed reviews from the audience and critics alike. Mixed reviews for the movie; praised for highlighting a critical issue, criticized for being biased. The movie’s portrayal of Muslims as harmful sparked controversy, with accusations of promoting communal hatred.

Amidst criticism, movie team defends their honest attempt to highlight a crucial issue through their work. Movie aims to raise awareness about love jihad dangers, not create communal tension or hatred, according to its makers.

(‘The Kerala Story’ Review)

Performances –

Adah Sharma has always been a versatile actress, and in her latest movie, ‘The Kerala Story,’ she delivers an earnest performance that captures the pain and vulnerability of the character Shalini. Movie portrays a young Hindu woman from Kerala getting brainwashed and converted by her Islamic friends, leading to danger.

Adah Sharma’s portrayal of Shalini is raw and real, and she does an excellent job of capturing the character’s emotions and struggles. She portrays Shalini as a victim of a dangerous scheme, and her performance shows how the character is robbed of her innocence but retains her spine. Adah Sharma’s ability to bring the Malayali accent into her Hindi makes the character all the more believable, and she does a great job of making the character relatable to the audience. (‘The Kerala Story’ Review)

While Adah Sharma’s performance is the standout in the movie, the rest of the cast indulges in an amateurish exercise. The acting feels forced and unnatural, and the actors have to wear every emotion on their sleeves. The movie’s direction lacks finesse, and the storytelling feels rushed and superficial.

Overall, ‘The Kerala Story’ is a story that has little thought concealed in lots of provocation. While the movie raises an essential issue about love jihad and its impact on society, the movie’s execution falls short of its potential. The movie’s portrayal of Muslims as evil and dangerous feels like a biased view, and the film’s lack of nuance in its storytelling takes away from its impact.

In conclusion –

Adah Sharma delivers an excellent performance in ‘The Kerala Story’ and captures the pain and vulnerability of her character. However, the rest of the movie falls short of its potential, and the lack of nuance in the storytelling takes away from the movie’s impact. While the movie raises an essential issue about love jihad, it could have been executed with more finesse and thought, instead of relying on provocation.

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