Tiger 3 Advance Booking Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif & Emraan Hashmi

Tiger 3 Advance Booking Report

Tiger 3 Advance booking starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi is increasing day by day. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the highly anticipated film. There is a lot of excitement among fans about watching this film. Fans have already done advance booking for it. It is said that the film has not been released yet, but it has already earned a substantial amount through advance bookings.

Yes, the movie’s advance booking report just came out. It says the film made over 12 crore plus rupees from advance bookings before hitting theaters. The movie is scheduled to release on November 12. People are so eager to see it that they booked advance tickets two days ago. As of now, around 4.5 Lakh plus tickets (including 2D Hindi, 2D Telugu & IMAX version) have been sold, according to the experts The film is already getting positive feedback even before it’s officially out.

It’s interesting that the Tiger 3 advance booking for the YRF Spy Universe movie began on November 4. Tiger 3 is getting a lot of attention in advance bookings and is giving strong competition to Salman Khan’s movies. People think this film will do really well on its first day. It’s also setting records for advance bookings. People are guessing that this movie will beat out many big films, like Gadar 2, Jawan, and Pathan.

The success of “Pathaan” starring Shah Rukh Khan in the USA market was significant comparing to Tiger 3, earning around $1.39 million on its opening day from 631 theaters, as per trade expert report. Two days before its release on January 24th, advance booking ticket sales for “Pathaan” had already reached $460,778.

However, just two days away from its release, Tiger 3 Advance Booking has only collected $186,013 approx. from its 638 locations in. For the first day, about 12,800 approx tickets have been sold, and its premiere shows did a bit better, collecting $200,330 approx. from 627 locations. The makers are likely hoping for a significant increase in collections in the next day; otherwise, the film’s success will heavily rely on word of mouth to break “Pathaan’s” record.

Tiger 3 Diwali Release Controversy

Tiger 3 Advance booking

Tiger 3 Tiger 3 Diwali Release Controversy salman khan, katrina kaif & emraan hashmi

Tiger 3 Advance Booking Report

Tiger 3 is the first major film to be released on Diwali in many years. Rohan Malhotra, Vice President of YRF Distribution, explained the unique strategy behind this decision. He mentioned, “When we decide things for a Yash Raj movie, we always think about how it will affect the movie’s overall success.” Malhotra continued, “We have confidence in Salman Khan’s popularity. On Lakshmi Puja, people have prayers at home, and it’s a time to celebrate festivals with family.

No producer has released a movie on Lakshmi Puja in the last 11 years. We believe that some people would like to celebrate Diwali by watching Salman Khan’s movie, especially because it’s the third part of the Tiger series. Tiger 3 advance booking is substantial even on the weakest day of the year for the film business.”

He added, “It’s right after Lakshmi Puja. We’ve noticed that many people attend night shows, so we’ve scheduled 1 o’clock and 12:30 shows, which are selling well. We expect a slight decrease in the evening when most people will be busy with the puja. They might come later at night to watch the movie.”

Salman Khan’s Entry Sequence In Tiger 3

Salman khan's entry sequence in tiger 3

Salman Khan’s Entry Sequence In Tiger 3

According to reports, the movie includes a 10-minute entry scene for Salman Khan. Director Maneesh Sharma shared with Times Of India, “A group of skilled and enthusiastic individuals, including our best action, stunt, grip, and effects experts, collaborated to create a 10-minute segment that does justice to Tiger’s entrance. It’s an introduction that truly represents Tiger. This opening scene is a standout moment in the film and features an exciting action sequence that reminds fans of Salman Khan just how awesome Tiger is.

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