Tiger 3 Trailer Released: Emraan Hashmi & Salman Khan In Tiger 3 Trailer

Tiger 3 Trailer Released

The original spy is back! Famous actor Salman Khan is all set to dazzle the movie screen with his new action-packed film called Tiger 3. The movie trailer was released on Monday, and it’s supported by Yash Raj Films. In this movie, Salman reprises his beloved role as the main spy character.

The Tiger 3 trailer is less than 3 minutes, and it’s full of non-stop action on a really big level. Tiger 3, continues the story from the first two films and also connects with movies like War and Pathaan. It seems to have a lot of exciting moments and strong emotions.

Tiger & Zoya In Action Mode

Tiger 3 Trailer Released

Tiger 3 Trailer Released

Tiger 3 Trailer Released: In the trailer, Salman is in a tough spot. He has to choose between saving his country and keeping his family safe. There’s also a Pakistani agent named Katrina Kaif, who goes by the name Zoya, and they have a child together. Salman says, “This time it’s personal,” and sets out on a mission that seems really tough but he’s determined to make it happen. In the movie trailer, Salman and Katrina doing exciting action scenes. In one quick moment, Katrina fights with another woman while they both have to share a towel. It happens so fast, but it looks impressive because of how they move and fight.

Later In the movie trailer, we see Kumud Mishra, who was one of Tiger’s friends in a previous movie called “Tiger Zinda Hai.” In the new movie, Tiger asks Kumud for a special favor, and they team up with Zoya. Shah Rukh Khan will also make a quick appearance in the movie as a character called “Pathaan,” but they’re keeping it a secret until the movie comes out.

Tiger 3 Trailer Released: The trailer of this movie follows a similar pattern to the Tiger series, which started with Ek Tha Tiger in 2012. It shows action scenes that feel realistic and are based on emotions and drama. This is quite different from another spy movie called Pathaan, which is part of the same series. Pathaan is more flashy, has a lighter tone, and is all about style.

Emraan Hashmi As Aatish In Tiger 3

Emraan Hashmi as Aatish In Tiger 3

Tiger 3 Trailer Released

The Tiger 3 movie trailer shows us a quick glimpse of the bad guy played by Emraan Hashmi. There’s a moment where Emraan Hashmi’s voice and shadow are really important. He has kept Tiger as a prisoner in Pakistan. At the end of the trailer, we get to see Emraan with his new salt-and-pepper hair, which was a secret until now. This sets the stage for a big showdown between Emraan and Salman in the movie.

Emraan Hashmi was kept a secret by the movie makers for the past 2 years. Fans were most curious about how he would look. Finally, today, we got to see Emraan’s look. Along with Salman and Katrina, people on social media are praising Emraan. They say he will be the most dangerous villain in the spy universe.

If we talk about the pure trailer of the movie, fans are speculating that this film might break records like “Pathaan” and “Jawan.” The makers of the film have also suggested that this movie is on a much grander scale than “Tiger Zinda Hai,” “War,” and “Pathaan.” Fans can see this in the trailer, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this film will likely shatter box office records.

Tiger 3 Trailer Released: Starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif & Emraan Hashmi

Tiger 3 Trailer Starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif & Emraan Hashmi

In simpler terms, people are excited about the movie’s trailer, and they think it’s going to be even bigger and better than some other popular movies. The makers of the film have hinted at this too. When fans watch the trailer, they can see how impressive it is, so it’s not unreasonable to predict that the movie will do exceptionally well at the box office and set new records.

Tiger 3 Trailer Released: According to trade experts, if this movie is released on November 12, which is Diwali, people might be busy with evening prayers, so it could have a small impact on its box office performance. However, the real game will start from the day after the release. Trade experts believe that this film can make a huge profit in just one week, around 300-400 crores, because it’s Diwali time, and during the holidays, it could break all the records at the box office.

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