Recently, we saw that due to the dialogues in the movie "Adipurush," people's religious sentiments were hurt, so people rejected the film.

But "Adipurush" is not the only movie that sparked controversy; there are several other films as well that have faced controversy.

Let's see which were those 5 Bollywood movies that sparked controversy due to religious factors. We will  explore their success, release dates, and story plots." 

Released on 5th May this year. The film depicted that in Kerala, 32,000 women were converted to Islam and sent to ISIS.

1. The Kerala Story

Released on March 11, 2022, was the third highest-grossing Hindi film of 2022. The film portrays the 1990 exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from Indian-administered Kashmir as a genocide.

2. The Kashmir Files

Karni Sena protested as they felt Rajput queen Padmaavati was portrayed inaccurately. They vandalized the film set and assaulted director. Despite this it was  a major success in 2018.

3. Padmaavat

Released in 2014, this film starring Aamir Khan, faced controversy for its portrayal of Hindu deities. However, it became the biggest hit of that year.

4. PK

Akshay Kumar portrayed Lord Krishna while Paresh Rawal played a character who didn't believe in God. The film depicted deceptive saints. Released in 2012.

5. OMG (Oh My God)