Beyond the Badge: Dive into Gripping Hindi Police Drama Forget the gleaming uniforms and polished salutes, these Hindi web series peel back the curtain on the gritty underbelly of police life.

Here are some highly-rated Hindi web series on the police force, apart from the recently released "Indian Police Force" 

Based on the infamous Nirbhaya case, this series delves into the investigation and its social impact. 

Delhi Crime


With thrilling action sequences and espionage elements, this series portrays the life of a secret agent within the National Investigation Agency. 

The Family Man

(Amazon Prime Video)

– Exploring caste complexities and corruption within the police force, this series follows an inspector investigating a suicide case.

Paatal Lok

(Amazon Prime Video)

Following a retired RAW agent's journey to dismantle a terrorist network, this series offers high-octane action and suspense. 

Special OPS


Based on a spy novel, this series blends humor and action as a former Shakespeare professor turned RAW agent undertakes a dangerous mission.

Bard of Blood


After her husband's death, a housewife navigates the dark world of the mafia and finds herself working alongside a police officer.


(Disney+ Hotstar)

This anthology series tells fictionalized stories of real-life Indian gangsters and the officers who brought them down.



A female constable caught in an undercover operation to bust a drug ring faces danger and betrayal from within the police force.



A chilling story about a police officer facing moral dilemmas as he investigates a brutal crime and protects an illegal organ harvesting ring. 



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