This time, on 11th August, we will get to witness a big clash between two highly anticipated movies: 'Gadar 2' & 'OMG 2'. 

If we look at it, both movies are a big brand because "Gadar" and "OMG" proved to be very successful in their respective times. 

"Gadar" was released in 2001 and at that time, it made around 80 crore rupees, which means it was a blockbuster.

And "OMG" was released in 2012, and the movie managed to generate a revenue of approximately 80-85 crores. 

This time, there is a fierce competition between Gadar 2 & OMG 2 at the box office, and both of them have the potential to be successful. Film critics believe that both movies can do well. 

The budget of both movies are not very high, so they are able to recover their costs. Gadar 2 is made with a budget of 70-80 crore rupees, and OMG 2 is made with a budget of 50-60 crore rupees. 

And both films need to earn around 100 crore to be successful, and this is not a very difficult task...

Because of the Independence Day holiday, both films are fortunate to have a five-day weekend, which is quite a lengthy period of time. 

This extended weekend provides them with a significant advantage, as it allows for more opportunities to attract audiences and generate higher box office numbers.  

According to the critics, the audience for both movies is different. "Gadar 2" is a mass film that is likely to do well in single-screen theaters, while "OMG 2" is better suited for multiplexes. 

And it is obvious that if both films are good, they can make even more business at the box office, up to 200-250 crore.