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here are some must-watch Nayanthara flicks that'll leave you entertained:

Witness Nayanthara's powerful portrayal of a courageous IAS officer battling corruption and fighting for social justice. This thought-provoking drama will leave you inspired and hopeful. 



Nayanthara plays Shruthi Lawson, a deaf and mute orphan who is adopted by a wealthy British businessman. When Shruthi moves to London, she is the target of a mysterious killer. 

Mera Rakshak

(Kolaiyuthir Kaalam)

Nayanthara plays Pavalakkodi, an independent woman who buys a used car named Dora. She soon realizes Dora is possessed by a vengeful spirit and must unravel the mystery before it's too late. 

Kanchana The Wonder Car


Nayanthara plays dual roles in Kaashmora: Kaashmora, a princess cursed to become a demon at night, and Ratnamala, a village belle who resembles Kaashmora. She must break the curse to save her kingdom and herself. 



Nayanthara plays Gauri, a kind school teacher and mother, rekindles childhood love with Narasimha while facing injustice and protecting her adopted son. 

Jai Simha

(Jai Simha)

Nayanthara plays Mrinalini. She is a kind-hearted, strong-willed woman who is the daughter of a village chief. She falls in love with the protagonist, but their relationship is challenged by local politician. 

Ghayal Khiladi


Nayanthara plays Sandhya, a down-to-earth village girl who falls in love with an NRI businessman. Sandhya's kindness and compassion help to transform the businessman, and they eventually marry. 

America Vs India

(Greeku Veerudu)

Nayanthara shines dual in "Airaa," playing a spirited wife trapped in misery and her mysterious reincarnated self seeking past truths. Both vibrant and hauntingly enigmatic, she unravels love, loss, and rebirth's secrets. 



Nayanthara's portrayal of Deepansha is one of the highlights of "Arrambam." She brings a great deal of depth and nuance to the role, and she makes Deepansha a relatable and sympathetic character. 

Player Ek Khiladi


Nayanthara as Mylaa. A love interest of the Shiva (Silambarasan). Mylaa is a beautiful and intelligent woman who is also strong-willed and independent. She is a successful businesswoman who is not afraid to speak her mind. 

Premam 2


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